Becoming Unique is a moving and informative account of one man’s journey towards Autism Spectrum Disorder. Whilst delivering practical and constructive advice for those living with autism, Charles also examines the positive attributes of the disorder, which he calls a diffability. Becoming Unique is also a story of faith, as Charles examined his relationship with God and how he made peace with his diagnosis. A rare and valuable first-person narrative about living with autism, James Charles’ story will stay with the reader forever. 


“Living in Horsefield was a relief away from the urban stresses of Wolverhampton.  It was not long until my interest in photography resurfaced; it seemed Horsefield was my inspiration for photography just like Sligo in Ireland was the inspiration for the poetry of W.B. Yeats.  Which was quite ironic, as I grew up in the next county to Sligo, and Glencar in County Leitrim is included in one of my favourite poems by W.B. Yeats.”


(c) James Charles 2015.